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Radeon HD 6950 VS gtx 560ti 448 core????

Hey everyone!

I was wondering what would be a better video card, the radeon hd 6950 or the gtx 560ti 448 core?
heres my other specs :
Intel core i3 2100 @ 3.10ghz
Radeon hd 6850
Antec VP 450w PSU
1tb HD
I am going to be playing games like far cry 3, skyrim, GTAV..... Im on a tight budget so i cant really afford anything more than around 200$
thanks :)
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  1. Neither i would get a 7850. 7870 if you can stretch budget a little
  2. You should go for a current-generation card. The best choice for your budget would be a Radeon HD 7850. Solid performer, good performance for its price.

    I had a look on NewEgg (assuming you're a US/Canadian resident), and this would suit well:
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  4. I would wait for the next-gen cards i.e 8xxx series and 7xx series as the 6850 is still an ok card and i don't feel you will benefit as much for the cost of a 7850
  5. thanks for the answers and im getting the gtx 660
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