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Hey guys! :hello: First off, Im sorry if this is a very idiotic or stupid question. Having said that, I am building my first custom PC, having gotten tired with Apple. I have come up with what I believe is a respectable build idea so far. Having looked over all my components, I'm realizing that I am going to need some hard core cooling for this baby. I know that I can water cool my i7 3770k with the thermaltake water 2.0 extreme, but I was wondering, is there any way I could also water cool my GPU? I don't want to spend to much more, but I'm trying to make this the best rig I can for hardcore gaming and media creation using After Effects and blender basically. If not, what is the best wa y to make this setup as fast and powerful as possible? Thanks a ton for your input! :D
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  1. That PC Partpicker list is just getting an endless loading screen for me, just post the specs here.

    To water-cool the graphics card is getting into the realm of custom water cooling, which can be very expensive, with great potential to screw up if you do it wrong or cheap out on components.

    Since you previously used a Mac, I assume this would be your first build? Custom water cooling can be quite difficult and I wouldn't recommend attempting it on your first build.

    Pre-built kits like the Thermaltake you mentioned are much easier to use and are effectively fail-safe, but cant get them for GPU's I'm afraid. As long as your using a good brand on the GPU (Gigabyte, ASUS, MSI, etc), there should be no need for anything more extreme than the air-cooler it comes with.
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    After about 5min of loading, the parts list came up!

    Why two 8GB sticks instead of 4x4GB? A 4x4GB kit is cheaper and there's no appreciable loss to performance. The ability to upgrade to 32GB is kind of pointless, as you only need that much for virtual machines, and for that you should be on the 2011 socket.

    Nothing wrong with Corsair RAM, but they have a ridiculously large heat-spreader. While I realize this isn't a problem because of the water cooler, it'l make it pretty tough to move them to another system. I recommend this kit, they have Low Profile heat spreaders so it can fit under any heatsink you wanted.
    G.Skill Ares 16GB (4x4GB) 1600Mhz CL9 1.5v. $89

    The GTX680 is redundant with the GTX670 having near identical performance at $100 cheaper.
    Also EVGA cards use reference coolers, which are loud and dont work as well. This Gigabyte 670 will perform just as well as the 680 and stay much cooler.
    Gigabyte GTX670. $400

    The PSU is not the place to skimp on a build. A $55 750W supply from RAIDMAX is just asking for trouble. You want something from Corsair, XFX, Seasonic or Silverstone.
    This PSU will give you plenty of room to dual Crossfire/SLI, upgrade and will easily support overclocks on all hardware.
    Corsair Enthusiast Series TX-750M, 80+ Bronze Semi-Modular. $115
  3. yeah, I think PCPartpicker crashed :/ ok here you go.

    CPU: CPU Intel Core i7-3770K 3.5GHz Quad-Core Processor
    Mobo: Asus Sabertooth Z77
    RAM: (2x) Corsair Vengence 8GB DDR3-1600
    Storage: 128GB Samsung SSD 830 Series
    Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive
    GPU: EVGA GTX 680 SC Signature 2
    Case: CM Storm Stryker
    Power supply: Raidmax 730W
    Monitor: Benq XL2420TX

    So should I just watercool the processor and not GPU?
  4. OK, nice. Thanks a ton. Im new to custom building PCs so Im just going by stats and stuff.
  5. Well, I would like to have the option in the future to upgrade to 32 GB of ram as After effects is pretty taxing and atleast want to have the option
  6. I personally think 32GB is pointless, but ultimately its your decision.
    Here's a good low profile 2x8GB kit.
    G.Skill Ares 16GB (2x8GB) 1600Mhz CL9 1.5v. $104
  7. awesome thanks! I think I finally know what im going to do! great help!
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