Will XFX HD 6770 fit in a Dell xps studio 8100? Help please

Hi, this is my first post here.
I have a Dell xps 8100, with a 350w power supply. I want to buy a new graphic card, I've searched for months and now I decided to buy the XFX HD 6770 (1GDD5). But the problem is, I don't know if it will fit correctly in my computer.
I also want to buy a new Power supply, I found this one with a good price (Ultra LSP550) :
But I'm again not sure if it will fit correctly :(
Help please
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  1. If you get a HD7750 you won't need a new power supply.
  2. And will it fit in the Xps studio 8100 ?
    I think that HD 6770 is much better than the HD 7750
  3. They perform the same. HD 7750 uses less power.
  4. Thank's, but are you guys sure it will work with only 350w ? Plus I'm sure that this power supply doesn't have a 6pin PCIE connector, or HD 7750 doesn't need that?
    Minimum PSU Wattage Requirement : 450 Watt
  5. 7750 doesn't require a 6 pin. Just the wattage coming through the PCIe slot. Not needed to upgrade PSU but a good idea nonetheless if you are considering it.
  6. HD 7750 doesn't need 6-pin connector. It uses around 40 watts on its own.
  7. Ok so it should work, but recomended power supply is 400-450 :s
    Will it fit in Xps Studio 8100? because 7750 is a pretty big graphic card...
    And I think it's always better to upgrade the power supply to something like 550 or 650, for further upgrades...
  8. The 7750's are shorter than 6770's so it should be fine. If you are looking to only upgrade the GPU then go with the 7750 as it doesn't use a power connector. If you also want to upgrade the PSU, I would consider a complete system overhaul
  9. Thank's for the informations guys, I think I'm going for the 7750, but which one?
    XFX, Asus, Diamond, HIS, VisionTek, Gigabyte or Sapphire? Which one is better?
  10. *Up*
    So guys? which brand is the best? I need help, answer please
  11. I prefer Gigabyte for its huge fan (which means less noise). They will all perform the same in terms of frames per second.
  12. I hesitate between Asus, Gigabyte and XFX
    I know that EVGA is the best brand for Nvidia, and XFX for ATI (most users thinks that)

    This one has 2 fans, so a great cooling system: http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=2555930&CatId=7387

    This one is the same XFX but with only 1 fan:

    What's the difference and which one is the best?
  13. http://www.overclock.net/t/861361/best-ati-manufacturer/20

    I think Sapphire and Asus are the best manufacturers, What do you guys think?
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