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A10-5800k and dual graphics

I picked up the A10-5800k and just picked up a hd6670 to dual graphic with.The discrete card is set to the default but past the bios screen into windows the card gets disabled and am forced to put the HDMI into the integrated Graphics on board. I have a Asus F2-A85 M board and the bios is a UEFI bios I cant find anywhere showing what i need to do to get the dual graphics to run off the discrete card.Is there some sort of setting or am i SOL??
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  1. you have to go into the amd catalyst control center application and enable the dual graphics checkbox , save and restrart
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    You have to go online download the drivers and the CCC suite. Once everything is downloaded go into the CCC and change the settings to do hybrid crossfire.
  3. already running thw newest Catalyst Drivers was there something broke in it to begin with?
  4. Broken in what the CCC?.. I doubt it. You should just be able to go into Catalyst Conrol Panel and set up hybrid crossfire.
  5. I'd imagine that you have to connect the monitor to the iGPU for hybrid crossfire to function properly.
  6. Actually Figured it out...I had to disable the Dual Graphics plug into the discrete card then Enable Dual Graphics back on.
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  8. Unfortunatley in building this box it seems the only upgrade was that my MOBO is DDR3 and can hold up to 64gb where as my old pc on a 7379mobo was only 4gb ddr2 intel Core 2 quad 8200 and a HD6870 perfomed better in most applications that just proves to ya newer is not always better..
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