How to fix lagg in company of heroes

Hi hope someone can help

I just started to get problems playing Company of Heroes , i used to be able to play it i on HIGH graphics (overall) now i can't even ply it on low low low , and have major laggs if my laptop does hold on ???
Just started and had no error rapport or other *** no jst ... lagg ... ????
Got a HP Pavilion dv6 (nt really the gaming pc but it was fine for CoH but now it can't even handle that ?)

Plz anyone wants to help a noob in help
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  1. Check temperatures when bad lag happens. Use HWMonitor for that. You can download it from
  2. +1^

    Make sure your laptop has sufficient cooling. Meaning on a flat surface such as wood or glass table. Or get a laptop cooler.
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