Final build list, suggestions

im using it to record tv, games

Is it better to use crossfire or 1 card?

Im guessing I need a cooler if I overclock

Suggestions please, power supply ok?
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  1. By the way I have a tv tuner card hvr-2250
  2. Follow the build advice sticky next time ;)

    That PSU is good.
    Xfire or single, all on you. Sometimes, Xfiring two mid-end cards give the performance of a beast video card. (7970 or a card like that.)
  3. Hey there,

    It is always advised to get a single video card if you can get anywhere near the price/performance level that you want with it. Crossfire software has improved a ton, but still simply has more challenges than a single card - including more heat and etc.

    The PSU seems to be out of stock. You don't really need a PSU that large anyhow - even for crossfire. Id suggest the Seasonic X650 gold as a way to maintain the same level of quality - just cutting 100w. (I have it - its a fantastic and silent PSU)

    Finally .. do a quick scan of the deal sites (techbargains/logicbuy/etc) and newegg newsletters. You should be able to get some rebates lowering prices. In particular, I think that you should be able to find the 128gb Crucial M4 for $89-99. 64gb is barely large enough for a boot drive and not a size I would go with in a higher end build.
  4. Never Never Never buy 2 low end cards. Spend the $300 and buy a 570 ti or something similiar.

    Also get a western digital hard drive, their warranties last a whole lot longer than anyone else.

    You also might want to look at the Asrock z77 Extreme 4 motherboard, Scored the highest in its class.
  5. I bought the motherboard already.. :(

    Ok I will get one card. The corsair I just bought used for $60
  6. Nice build. My thoughts (since u asked)

    1. Microcenter has great sales on 3570k & MOBO for just under $300 with tax
    2. May want to consider ASRock Z77 Extreme 4
    3. I would not go below 120 GB SSD ( I love my intel 180 GB !!)
    4. 3570k for over clocking, but not CPU cooler. If not overclock i would not get a 'k'
    5. I would go for the HD 7850 (x2 if you got the cash). If you don't have the cash, I'd buy one and wait for the other - there's always Christmas :)

    Good Luck !
  7. drillsar said:
    I bought the motherboard already.. :(

    Ok I will get one card. The corsair I just bought used for $60

    Good deal on the PSU! I'm not sure the exact warranty terms but you should look them up - that Corsair should still be covered.
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