How much power do I need?

Hello all! I recently built a PC (one week ago) and the current power supply abruptly died last night. It did not overheat , and im fairly certain nothing else is wrong with it. So I will be purchasing a new one as the only option left is, the power supply did not have enough juice to run my specs.

GTX 550ti
AMD 1400-FX
Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3
HYZER-580W (Current PSU)

So how much wattage do I need?
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  1. That system will run fine on a quality 450watt PSU. Maybe the PSU failed because of lack of quality.
  2. I suppose, wish I kept the box for replacement. What PSU do you reccomend with around 500W?
  3. Unfortunately they are not all build the same - you do need to get one from a good brand. Your power requirements are relatively low but I would suggest visiting a few psu calculator sites for your own peace of mind e.g.
  4. Well, Corsair seems to peak my interest. Ill be purchasing one of theirs. Thanks!
  5. Connorwarman_12 said:

    Great choice.
  6. yea for the money thats a nice ps :) thumbs up
  7. im running 17 2600k, dh67cl mobo, 16gb ram, nvidea gtx 660 gfx card, 1 ssd 2 HDD a multi slot card reader and a cd/writer, 4 fans on a 550 watt coolermaster psu.

    anything around 500watts should be fine, but if your using multiple pci slots for different compaents i suggest anything between 600-800.
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