My TJ07 is an ultra fingerprint magnet. i need help

Hey guys ,, i just bought a silverstone TJ07 and it's a fingerprint magnet. i can't find a way to remove those stains and its really driving me nuts.

can you guys suggest something that gets the job done ?! i tried alchohol swap on the prints and tried hand synthesizer but without any luck :/

please help out , since the prints are reducing my love to the case since it's in my face right next to the window .

thanks a bunch :)
update: here is how it kinda looks, but much worse (of course the surface of my silverstone tj07:
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  1. A trick that has been used on many shiny surfaces before to hide fingerprints is to rub a thin layer of oil on the surface. Commonly used in shiny Stainless Steel environments.
  2. you mean to prevent fingerprint stains ?! or to remove them ?!

    can you please elaborate ?!
  3. It will prevent them since it is the grease coming from your finger the makes the fingerprint. The prints will disappear when oiled. (rubbing in WD40 in a cloth would work)
  4. you lost me,,

    what oil shoud i use ?! and what's WD40 ?!

    Also, how will it affect the paint that's already there ?!
  5. double post
  6. Any thin household oil. Another thing you can use is wax the case (since yours is painted) not the shiny aluminum one.
  7. WD40 is a brand name for an aerosol for lubrication/water displacement , and it can be used to protect surfaces from fingerprint oil,
    AC90 is another version of it,
    depending where in the world you are there will be an equivalent
    it won't affect paint used sparingly and wiped with a cloth, you'll know if you used too much because it will leave the surface feeling greasy,

  8. Any mineral oil or baby oil (if you like the fragrance???) will do. Get it at a pharmacy or walmart.
  9. thanks guys. went ahead and got this :

    i'll see how effective it is now and will report .

    couldn't find any WD-40 at all ,, hence i might get a regular oil if this doesn't work.
  10. Careful with that stuff.
    It can remove paint and remove the shiny finish of a painted surface.
  11. no luck with that one. emmm :/ any step by step with common oil would be much appreciated :D
  12. no luck with that one. emmm :/ any step by step with common oil would be much appreciated :D
  13. How do you not have WD-40!?
  14. Where in the world are you located that wd40 is not known to you or carried in just about every store?

    Got triflow in your area?
  15. put oil on clean cloth, rub cloth on fingerprinted device, wipe off excess, don't let device slip out of your hands and crash on the floor.....
  16. ^Pics or it didn't happen :P
  17. WD40 smells like crap, just letting you know.
  18. thanks guys,

    i asked a friend and he told me where to find WD40. will go there and get a can.

    so how long should a coat of it last before i wipe it ?! and does it affect the paint if i leave it long ?!

    thanks again :D
  19. It wont be corrosive because it used to free up seized up bolts and stuff like that just be careful when using it on computers my friend used once and he sprayed it on his motherboard then boom.
  20. Just spray it in a cloth and then rub it on.
  21. Hello guys ,, i've used WD40 on my case in three different methods , all yielded no results.

    i'm starting to think that this one has fingerprit PAINT :fou:

    here's the case and the WD40 used :


    and the WD40 is similar to this one :

  22. Looks like the prints are burnt into the paint.
  23. That doesn't look like paint to me. It looks more like anodized brushed aluminum.

    The oil from the fingerprints may be in the grooves created by the brushing process.

    Try using a toothbrush with pure alcohol to see if you have more success. Brush in the same direction as the brush marks in the aluminum.

    Pure acetone is a superior fingerprint remover but it will also damage painted and plastic surfaces so you will have to be careful if you want to give it a try.
  24. thanks guys. i'm in talks with the store to get a refund or a replacement . if this doesn't go well, i'll have to carbon-fiber it or paint it .

    on another note, can someone link me to a good article about painting brushed metal/ cases

    thanks guys for the help :)
  25. so i don't have a case anymore (Refunded ). any suggestions in the 150$ price range ?!
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