How to set a static IP on Linksys router with Netopia modem in bridge

Hello everyone, first post! Thanks for looking.

I currently have service with AT&T DSL. I have their Motorola Netopia 3347 modem that is set to Bridged mode and going to a Linksys WRT54GL router, which then goes out to a Cisco 24 port switch.

AT&T has given us a Static IP to use, which was set up and working just fine when the modem was NOT in Bridged mode. Now that I have it set to bridge mode (as per a request by our VoIP provider), our IP address is no longer static at it changes frequently. However, I have a back up server here that needs to have a static IP so offsite back ups can find our modem/router and then the back up server.

I am running Tomato software on the Linksys admin. When I go to the Basic->Network section, the WAN/Internet is set to PPPoE with the AT&T username and password that was originally used in the Netopia modem entered in. If I set this option to Static, it removes the username/password fields, so I do not think that my internet would work that way. Or, would the Netopia use the username/password to authenticate, and then just pass it through to the Linksys in bridge mode and THEN it would use the static IP?

Does anyone know if this is true, or what I need to do to make the Linksys grab our Static IP instead of changing? Neither AT&T or the VoIP company can figure it out...they just keep telling me to call the other one's tech support. Any help would be VERY much appreciated! :)
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  1. I would just set the option to Static and fill in the correct information.
  2. I hate the ask this as I don't have a solution but when you changed the motorola to bridged, how did you do that? Did you have to open up Pinholes? And, if so, how did you know what ports to open? I've found several various things online to help with this but... no so helpful! Thanks. John
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