Is Intel 2.6 GHz LGA 1155 Dual Core G620 Processor for new games?

i have a doubt that whether Intel 2.6 GHz LGA 1155 Dual Core G620 Processor is good for modern gaming like ghost recon future soldier or max payne 3 ?
Now i am having lga 775 mobo and 2 GB ram with asus gt 210 1gb ddr 3 gfx. Which mobo is good for it?
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  1. its your graphics card that's going to be the problem,
    i have this cpu with a hd 6670 and i am getting 27 fps in crysis at max settings,
    with your graphics card u can expect 10-12fps(or maybe more),
    if u are going to get a mobo for this try the asus p8h61mle
  2. cpu is good.i reccommend you to go for intel g860 3.0 ghz as it has 1333mhz at same price of g620

    your gpu is not good at all you need good decent card
  3. i hav played crysis 2 and cod mw 3 with this gfx card and it gives good performance even in ghost recon future soldier many people says that if i upgrade my cpu it will give me good performance now it is running very slow.
  4. what about 1 i3 2100t?
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