Huge problems with rendering, stuttering and tearing lately.

Okay, so i upgraded my PC a month ago to this:
fx-8120 @ 3.8ghz
corsair vengeance 2x4gb @ 1600mhz
asus directcu 2 top gtx 560 @ 925mhz
corsair force gt ssd 90gb (windows 7 ultimate 64bit + games)
corsair gs600
samsung syncmaster p2350 23" 1920x1080.

So everything ran superfine and good, but then a few days ago i got huge screen tearing everywhere - fix was enable vsync. Even tho i never had any screen tearing.

Now im having lots of microstuttering in games everywhere even tho its at stable 60fps and even worse, now the render time for example in RIFT is really really long. I run around and then stuff start to appear close to me.

I tried downclocking ram, cpu and gpu to theyr default clocks but didnt help. I did a completely clean driver reinstalled and also tried older drivers - didnt help.

Any suggestions on how to fix the microstuttering and slow rendering times ? :)
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  1. What are the temperatures during gameplay? It may be a overheating issue.
  2. cpu 50, gpu 60
  3. What parts did you upgrade?
  4. i bought a cpu, mobo and an ssd.
    hdd, dvd drive, case, gpu and psu were already there :P
  5. If you want, you may want to do a fresh install of windows or a re-format of your SSD. But, if there are better suggestions you should wait until you do it.
  6. well i just installed my windwos like 25-30 days ago, i really really dont want to do it again.
    but do you really think this could actually do this ?

    also, whats a good antivirus ? i might want to scan my pc first :D
  7. avira, avast, or microsoft security essentials.
  8. scanned - no problems.

    do you know the black and white hypnotic spiral - i just watchedi it in youtube and it was tearing at 3 places.. wtf
  9. You can try vsync and triple buffer for the games.
  10. ye but what about videos and when i was scrolling a webpage with lots if images, i saw all the images split vertically like tearing...

    and yes, screen tearing is gone in games when i use vsync, but in windows and videos and movies and scrolling pictures it still exists
  11. It could be the videos. And how the frame rates of the movies/videos are. Assuming your monitor is set at 60Hz. But, the framerates on videos and others only plays at roughly 24-30 frames/s. So it is not synchronized. It's not likely your graphics card isn't capable of playing video, it's the actual video itself.
  12. but ive never had that problem anywhere, it started a few days ago just randomly - every game started having screen tearing and same with youtube videos and for example dr house series films
  13. Open nvidia control panel, go to "manage 3d settings", in global tab scroll down to vertical sync and select "adaptive". Restart your PC, and report whether it fixed it or not.
  14. still getting tearing with adaptive vsync, altho.. if i turn vsync completely on then tearing in games stop but in windows/youtube videos/picture scrolling/films i can still see tearing
  15. Would you mind reinstalling graphics driver?
  16. already did and also tried previous ones aswell, didnt help.

    weird thing happened tho, my pc randomly found 11 errors, one of them is here:

    there were 11 more of similiar video hardware error problems, what does that mean ?
  17. Definitely driver problem. However, since you already tried reinstalling drivers, would you mind trying to install windows to another partition just to see if it solves it? I mean, you might have ran something that corrupted your internal windows mechanism and that's why it's acting so strange. Unfortunately, there are no other fixes for such issues than to reinstall windows.
  18. i have an ssd that has windows + games and a hdd that has all my pictures, movies, music etc etc

    so if i format my ssd and install new windows there i wont lose any of my data thats on my hdd ?
  19. That's correct.
  20. okay ill do it soon and update it, thanks!
  21. Make sure to tell us how it goes!
  22. okay i put in my dvd and i set my first boot device to cdrom and second to hdd but when i restart it just says "Detecting operating system..." and then just goes to windows directly, doesent even ask if i want to boot.

    This dvd works 100% cause its detected in my computer and i installed with it before + my friend installed his windows 1 week ago with this dvd.

    Whats wrong ?
  23. Are you sure it's set to CD-ROM first? The names might be confusing when you have multiple hard drives in your PC.
  24. first boot device is cdrom
    second boot device is hard disk
  25. any suggestions? it just wont boot, i even tried burning a new dvd
  26. That's very strange. Could you try unplugging both your HDD and SSD from your system and then see if it boots from the DVD?
  27. i also tried pressing F12 while posting and it led me to a screen to choose which from to boot, it was set to HDD (even tho i set first to cdrom) and then i chose cdrom and it just carried on booting windows 7 like nothing matters...

  28. the dvd is bootable for sure and the dvd reader also works, dotn worry about that
  29. Make sure all your hard drives are unplugged. Only keep the SSD plugged. Make sure in BIOS, your SATA controllers are set to ACHI before installing windows.
  30. yeye i did all that right.

    anyways - stuttering is pretty much gone, its still there, but a lot less.. hmm...
    without vsync i still get tearing tho, but i havnt noticed it in films, youtube etc.

    Also - i get really really slow rendering in RIFT for ex.
  31. It couldbbe possibly the game and drivers that aren't working together well. Yea screen tear is somewhat hard to pinpoint.
  32. yea i just noticed that with vsync on i have absolutely no tearing or stuttering or any kind of fucked up stuff in battlefield 3 - constant 60fps :)

    i guess i rushed into formatting and conclusions - seems like RIFT just has a fucked up engine or has issues with my drivers/hardware.

    thanks for your time :)
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