3770k new build HELP

i am planing on building a ivy bridge system here are the specs thanks

i7 3770k
need help on motherboard between sabertooth/asrock/gigabyte
gtx 670
16gb corsair vengance alredy got it
hyper 212 evo
sandisk extreme 120gb
250gb wd
corsair 650w gold modular

i dont plan on overclocking this pc is for gaming rendering web surfing movies

if you could help me with the motherboard i need one that will work right away plug and play i dont mind paying more for performance so go crazy lol thanks
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  1. vegeance ram doesnt fit under the hyper 212 evo. only 2 sticks will fit unless you move the fan on the cooler to the left side

    for the solid state drive, if the sandisk is cheaper than the samsung 830 or the crucia m4 128gb, get it

    you dont need such efficentcy, just get something like a xfx xxx 750w. they sell for 112.99 at us.ncix

    for the motherboard, either get the z77x-ud5h or the z77-v PRO. one has more hardware features while the other has more software features
  2. if your not goung to overclock drop the "K" and get yourself a 3770
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