Display loses signal when streaming video, works fine in games?

I hope this is the right forum...

Anyways, my computer has started to lose the dvi signal whenever I try to stream video from the internet. I have tried watching trailers on steam, going to youtubes website to watch video, and tried vimeo. All these sistes cause my computer to lose dvi signal and the only option is a hard shutdown since I can't get anything back on screen. I can't hear any audio after the screen shuts off either.

Everthing works fine when playing games in full hd 1920x1080 with aa on and everthing, no black screens. It works perfect. I can also watch movies I have stored on my computer with no problems.

Everything seems like its working perfect untill I go on youtube/vimeo etc. Then the screen just shuts down. I don't know if this is a screen issue, a video card issue or what...

Please help!

Evga 9800gt 512mb gpu
Amd phenom 9150e cpu
Antec ea-650 psu
Asrock A785GM-le
500gb hdd

I do have the videocard and processor slightly overclocked, but I have the same results on stock settings aswell... it happed before I even overclocked anything in the first place.
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  1. Also 4gb (2x2gb) gskill ddr2 800 memory
  2. anybody know how to fix this?
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