Booting up for the first time

Okay so I plug everything in my computer all the fans are spinning and that what not but now what. I don't know what to do. If you know what and lot of people should know please help.

Thank you
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  1. my problem is the monitor, keyboard, or mouse are getting power
  2. Okay i already looked at that but i tried the very last thing and pulled every piec of ram out nothing happened. I put one back in and as soon as it is in the computer turns off and i cant get to come back on
  3. List all your system specs including make and model of PSU.
  4. case=nzxt 410 phantom


    motherboard=asus z77 sabertooth

    ram=16gb (4x4) corsair vengence

    Dvd=Lite-on internal dvd writer

    Gpu= gtx 670 ftw Evga

    Psu=corsair 750w moudlar power supply

    wireless card=asus pce-n15

    ssd=m4 crucial 256gb

    hdd= seagate barracuda

    cpu cooler=antec 620 kuhler

    plus two led 140mm fan
  5. Can you Describe the issue you are having. Dont give us i turn everything on and what not, now what do i do? thats kinda vague, Like have you installed the operating system, Are all the Cables attached properly, Are you getting a picture on your display? things like that
  6. all my cables are attached the fans are spining on the case and on the graphics card but i am getting no display from using different monitors and then i read thing about taking stuff like the ram to see if it beeps or anything like that. I pulled all the ram and nothing happened then i put a piece of ram it made this kind of a happy squeal then it turned off. now i can not get to turn on whatever i do. and i plugged in my head phones and they worked using the front i/o but nothing was working on the rear i/o. I'm sorry i was vague i'm just kind of stressed. Since i have no picture i can't go to bios or install windows really. but everthing seems to be working if it spins or did.
  7. Possible Dead Motherboard. I am not sure how to test that.
  8. Looking through the guide is less than following it step by step, standoffs, power cables, ... all important stuff.
    Presuming everything is assembled and connected correctly and there is a case speaker attached to the motherboard then you should get ram beeps when no ram installed. If no beeps bad board.
  9. i guess i have a dead mother board but when it was on it was having a green stand by power light on it
  10. thats normal, Even if board is dead you will still get power to it
  11. ok then thank you for the help
  12. Do you have a speaker attached to the motherboard (not to the rear panel sound output)?
    If you have one does it beep when you power on? That's the best way to find out if the motherboard is dead...
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