Replacing a CPU in an HP laptop

Can an AMD athlon ll P360 be up graded in an HP Pavilion G6? And also a memory upgrade. CPU is bad and needs replaced any way. Where can I get a new CPU and memory.?
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  1. you can upgrade to any of these processors but you might have to update the bios first.

    Also you can get the memory from any computer store and purchasing a new cpu we will need to know your location

    K10 micro-architecture, Socket S1 (S1g4)
    AMD Sempron Mobile N120 1 / 1 2.2 GHz 512 KB 25 Watt
    AMD V Series V140 1 / 1 2.3 GHz 512 KB 25 Watt
    AMD V Series V160 1 / 1 2.4 GHz 512 KB 25 Watt
    AMD Turion II N570 2 / 2 2.7 GHz 2 MB 35 Watt
    AMD Phenom II X620 2 / 2 3.1 GHz 2 MB 45 Watt Unlock
    AMD Phenom II N850 3 / 3 2.2 GHz 1.5 MB 35 Watt
    AMD Phenom II X640 2 / 2 3.2 GHz 2 MB 45 Watt Unlock
    AMD Phenom II N870 3 / 3 2.3 GHz 1.5 MB 35 Watt
    AMD Phenom II X940 4 / 4 2.4 GHz 2 MB 45 Watt Unlock
  2. What exact model of G6 do you have. IMO it's not worth it you would be better off just getting a new laptop.By the time you spend money on a new CPU and new RAM you could just get a cheap new laptop. My cousin just but an Asus ultrabook with a Ivy Bridges Pentium, 4 gigs of RAM and a 500 gig HDD for 250 dollars. OEM computers are limited in what CPU's you can upgrade to and laptops are even more limited. On top of that AMD has since stopped making Athlon II and Phenom II so even if you decided to go ahead with the upgrade anyway you would have trouble finding a CPU that would work with your motherboard.
  3. The laptop just stopped working and Is only a couple years old. It sounds like I should replace the cpu with the same one. Ebay for 35.00 should do the trick. Used ones some time work ok. This belongs to my kid and her kid does her homework on it so will try to get it working again. Thank you for your help.

    Slo Ed
  4. Then replace it and see though CPU's are the most reliable piece of hardware and rarely if ever fail. If it just stopped working I doubt it is the CPU it could be a bad battery or a blown motherboard.
  5. Two different techs suggested it could be the CPU that went bad. I have no screen indication of activity. When I turn the laptop on I get sounds from the inside (air or hdd?) the caps key blinks about every 2 seconds. I tried to run a separate monitor and got no indication there. It could be the memory. I don't know. That was the reason for my first question. I don't know if it was dropped or some other reason it stopped working. The kid does not want to lose all her info. If you have any suggestions I will follow them to ascertain the correct repair.
    I am not a computer tech, just an old telephone installer who likes to play with computers. Model G6 1A19wm LH615UA #ABA Serial cnu1091537

    Slo Ed
  6. If you are getting sound and the computer is turning on then it is not the CPU. 99.9% of the time if the CPU is dead the computer will not turn on. If the CPU is gone either it will turn on or it won't. If you are getting no video feed than it could be the RAM but the fact that you are getting no video feed from either the monitor or external it sounds like a video chip problem. Do you know if your Athlon II has integrated graphics built into the CPU or a seperate video chip? If the CPU has built in integrated graphics and the graphics is dead then the CPU will need to be replaced. If it uses a seperate chip soldered onto the motherboard the chip will need to be, re-balled and re-soldered or the motherboard will have to be replaced.
  7. I tend to agree that it's not the CPU. That would be very rare, indeed.

    It's most likely the RAM or motherboard, although it could be the graphics chip, as well.

    That CPU doesn't have integrated graphics, by the way. It would have a separate graphics chip (ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250, from what I can tell).

    Here are the specs, for anyone else that wants to know:
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