Upgrade AMD 6550

I recently got this computer from Staples
Video Graphics AMD Radeon HD 6550D integrated
Processor AMD Quad-Core A8-3820 Accelerated
Memory (RAM) 8GB

(trust me I didn't want to get a computer from staples for gaming or anything but we returned my old one and got a HUGE credit) so anyway I'll be playing World of Warcraft mostly and some Black Ops 2 when it comes out. I am looking to at minimum get ultra or max settings (not including shadows) for 1920x1080 for WoW and solid graphics for Black Ops 2. I want to upgrade the CPU and GPU as cheaply as possible so it reaches those points at the bare minimum. I realize WoW is CPU based mostly, but the new games coming out seem to be GPU based. I don't want to be spending much money upgrading these two things. Any ideas on what I can upgrade to for max settings?
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  1. Your link does not work, so fix that first :<.
  2. Updated to have link + specs
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    I would upgrade the graphics before most things. The A8 should be fine, yet you are limited to a 300W power supply in the HP case assumedly, since HP usually uses 300W's in their towers.

    That being the case, your best bet would be the 7750. Like one of these:

    You won't be playing at max settings, but if you want to, you are going to need a new power supply as well as a more powerful graphics card, which is going to set you back at least $200. The 7750 is the most powerful upgrade you can get with your current power supply, and will play all games, not at the highest settings, but will play them.
  4. For 110$? For 10$ more would it be better to bump up to 7770? is it a large upgrade? im guessing you wouldn't be able to use an nvidia card in my computer?
  5. ^I got it working.Right click on it and open in a different tab.

    The Llano CPU isn't that bad for the games your looking to play.You'll just need to upgrade the GPU and the PSU.But if your wanting to upgrade the CPU you'll have to replace the motherboard as well.

    What is your total budget?
  6. Well I wanted to stay under 150$ if possible for now as I was planning on upgrading either the CPU or GPU right now, also ive seen that the 6850 outperforms the 7750 and 7770?
  7. well for $150 you cannot really get a CPU upgrade. I'd suggest you get HD 7770 if your power supply has 6-pin connector and HD 7750 if it does not.
  8. Will that allow me max or at least ultra graphics on WoW? at least without shadows? and is there a way for me to tell which it has?
  9. Open your case and take a look whether there is unoccupied 6 pin connector:

    HD 7770 should be able to play WoW at max. You might have to reduce some settings with HD 7750. Shadows depend on your CPU though.
  10. i see a bunch of open white 4 ones but no 6 ones and its a 300 watt power supply, can i buy a 6 pin connector?
  11. Not really. The fact that it doesn't have one means it's not powerful enough. Sadly, without upgrading the power supply, the most powerful card you can get is HD 7750. And with budget of $150 you cannot really upgrade both power supply and the graphics card.
  12. That's a very very very bad power supply.. You don't want to put that thing in your machine. Check this article:,2862.html

    Generally, you want to stick with quality brands, such as Antec, Corsair, Seasonic, XFX. There are some other good ones, check this article:

    I would not buy anything that's not on this list or below tier 3.

    I'd suggest this power supply:
  13. That PSU is a junker.Get this one instead.
  14. so 430 or 380 watts is good for the 7770? and is this a reliable brand for the card?
  15. Yes it's nice. MSI makes great cards.
  16. okay great im going to get that and the thank you so much for all the help
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  18. Glad to help :).
  19. Goodluck.
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