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Which card is better?

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    Yes they both will work. But I'd suggest getting a 7750. Doesn't use the power supply, and is lower power consumption and stronger than those 2 cards.

    Sapphire 7750 1GB ($109.99, $99.99 after main-in rebate)

    HIS 7750 1GB ($109.99, $99.99 after mail-in rebate)

    Also, PCI-E 3.0 cards will work on any PCI-E x16 slots. And these cards won't have a performance issue on 2.0 or 1.0 slots.
  2. I agree with bumping your budget a bit and getting the HD 7750. Personally I like Gigabyte model due to its huge fan - it ensures the least amount of noise possible and best cooling:

    However, out of the two HD 6670s, I'd choose sapphire, because it will be less noisy. They both perform the same.
  3. as long as the 7750 will run on a 250w psu, that's the one i'll definitely get
  4. It will.
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  6. i'm reading that older MB's have a lot of issues with the 7750. multiple BSOD's with the HIS brand (which i would consider over ASUS as i can get it for 54.00 vs 110.00). would an asus 6670 be safer?
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