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Using Graphics Card to take screenshots on an Xbox 360

Hi there. I was reading this article and i was wondering if i plug the 360 directly to my graphics card (Ati Radeon HD 5770) through the HDMI port like in this article, will i be able to record HD footage and take screenshots through the videocard instead of buying a capture card?
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    No. Graphics card ports are outputs - they will not act as inputs.
  2. That sucks... So in the article what did they mean by using your graphics card for screenshots? Sorry i'm a bit new to this...
  3. Well, some TVs have that function..
  4. I'm going to be using it with my PC monitor :/
    Guessing there's no other option than to buy the capture card right? I know that cameras can be used to capture gameplay by plugging an input jack or something like that but this only takes 480p i think... If it can take HD vids and screenshots i don't mind buying a new camera with an input/output.

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