Dell N750P PSU does not have a P4 power connector

Dell N750P-00 750W 24-pin ATX Power Supply w/SATA & PCIe for Dell XPS 700, 710 & 720

I have an old Dell Optiplex 960 MT that need a power supply. The motherboard has 4 pin power connector along with the 24 pin power connector. But the spare PSU I got is Dell N750P that does not have the 4pin connector. All it has two six pin connetor for PCI cards. See below the PSU detail.

Now in order to get around, I was thinking of getting a 4pin molex to P4 power connector converter. I found one that says LP4 to P4 power adapter. Not sure if this will work. Though it says LP4, but it looks like a molex connector with 3 pin actually (male). At the other end it is P4 connector that I wanted and missing from the Dell N750P PSU. Now the question if I use this alternative, connect the LP4 to one of the PSU molex and then connect the P4 into motherboard, will it work???? Older PSU says the P4 power connector provides 12 volt. But will this adapter will provide 12 volt or something elese- like 5 volt?????? Does anyone get this type of situation before??? Is there any way around instead of buying a new PSU???? Your guide will be appreciated.


Dell N750P Specs:
Dell N750P-00 750W 24-pin ATX Power Supply

General Features:
Aluminum design
90 mm cooling fan
Input: 100-120/220-240V ~ 13.0A/7A, 50/60 Hz
Output: 750 watts
One (1) 24-pin ATX connector
One (1) 20-pin connector
Two (2) Large 4-pin Molex connectors
One (1) 4-pin floppy power connector
Six (6) Serial ATA power connectors
Two (2) 6-pin power connectors
One (1) 6-pin P14 power connector
Designed for Dell XPS 700, 710 & 720 systems <========= This is possibly the case that it did not have the 4 pin CPU power connector. Designed for Dell XPS 7x only.
IEC320 C14 input connector

Power Specifications:
+5V --- 16.0A
+5VFP --- 3.0A
+12VA --- 18.0A
+12VB --- 18.0A
+12VC --- 18.0A
+12VD --- 16.0A
-12V --- 0.2A
+3.3V --- 30.0A

4 x 6 x 6.5-inches (H x W x D, approximate)
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  1. the 3 pin mole3x doesnt sound right to me.
    it should look like this and have 4 wires at the p4 end. 2 ground (black) and 2 12v(yellow)
  2. Yes you are right. It is called 4 pin molex with 2 yellow and two black wires. But just to be sure, will this adapter server the purpose. Does it provide the same voltage that the direct 4 pin (P4 power to the processor) connector from the PSU that goes in the motherboard will do?

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