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I'm trying to upgrade an older computer. MB is ECS k8m890m-m; AMD 64 dual core; 4 gb ram. Had been on XP. Microsoft's tool said it was Windows 7-capable. Decided to do a clean install of Windows 7 to a new SSD Sata II (Torqx 2 64 gig; not Sata III).

System crashes incessantly. If I play an audio file, it crashes in 10 seconds. If I disable the sound drivers, I might be able to work for 10 minutes before it crashes. Have replaced or disabled everything I can (wireless mouse, added a video card, checked all the bios settings) and made sure my drivers were all current. Windows repair program says Windows and the memory are fine. CPU fans spins rigorously.

I'm thinking next step would be to try to install Windows on the IDE HDD that Windows XP was on (after I copy the documents to another drive). Any other suggestions?

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  1. I would definitely try installing Windows on a different drive. Doesn't really matter if it's an IDE or SATA HDD, or even another SSD, just something different to rule out the issue being that you got a bad SSD.

    I would also never trust the Windows memory tester any more than I would trust the POST memory tests. If you haven't run something like memtest86+, then you cannot even begin to reasonably say that the RAM is good. However, the fact that you were presumably running this unit with XP and no issues would be a good indicator that the RAM is good, but not a guarantee.
  2. Thanks, cl.

    I was unable to install Windows on another drive on this computer. Ran way too slow; if the installation started, it would crash long before anything serious happened. Reinstalled the old RAM; no better. Had the bright idea: hey!! maybe the power supply is dying. Ran over to Fry's & procured a new one. No better. So now: I have a new OS, new RAM, new drive, and new PS. All that's left is Mobo and CPU. Might as well replace those for about $100 and have essentially an new 'puter.

    Anything I missed??
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