New build, but restart after 3 second I press the power button! HELP!!

Hello everyone,

I finished assembling my new PC, but when I press the power button on the case, it will restart automatically after 2-3 seconds. What's the problem?? Is it something wrong with the components or some cable issues?

Thank you so much. I'm waiting for your reply online now.
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  1. My rig:
    i7 3770k
    Asus Formula
    Corsair AX850
    G skill 16G 2400mhz
    Asus VG278
    Cooler master HAF XM
    ADATA SX900 256G
    Seagate 3TB
  2. I would disable auto-restart from safe mode
    start>control panel>system> advanced system settings>startup & recovery>settings> uncheck "Automatically restart..."

    let us know what error message you get

    If you dont get an error message then I would next disconnect the front panel "pwr_sw" from the motherbd header. You can boot up the computer by momentarily shorting out the two pins the connector goes across (be careful not to short out any other pins) andif the restarts stop then its your power switch on your case. If they still happen then we need to test your power supply.
  3. so can you get into the OS or will the computer not even post?
    i had a similar problem and needed a new PSU. also check your front IO connections to see if any have been switched around.
  4. i also have the same problem exactly and i change the case and also the power supply and there is no change it still starting up after pressing power button. also i disconnect the ram and run the M.B with no ram still doing the same. also i disconnect the all connections of the case and power it manually also still the same. what else i shall do !!!!??!
  5. Does it give you any beeps besides just one when it starts up? It sounds like it could be a memory issue. It seems like it's posting, but if there is a memory issue, there's nowhere for bios to dump the data. Run a memory check from bios.
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