How to set up the gigabit network with a switch?

I currently have a FIOS modem/router which have all my PCs connected to. All the PCs have dynamic address and are set up in the ARP table in the router. I have several port forwarding set up in the router (so I can access the PCs from outside, admin, etc.), and I do a lot of file exchange between the PCs. Since all the PCs have gigabit lan card, and I really want to improve the file transfer speed, what is the best way, and easiest way to make the internal network a gigabit network, without bridging the FIOS router.
I was told the only thing I need to do is get a gigabit switch, connect the PCs and the router to the switch, and then set up all the PCs using static address. I currently do not have any spare switch, but do have one gigabit wireless router at hand. Can I accomplish the task? Please give detail instruction, I'm a newbie on the network stuff. :heink:
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  1. You can turn the wireless router into a switch by disabling the DHCP on it and issuing it a static IP. If you can tell me the model of your wireless router I can write up a little step-by-step process for you.
  2. I have a WNDR3700 at hand. Thanks.
  3. Apologizes for the delay in response...I tried looking around for some screens of the menu's but really couldn't find much. But, all you have to do is go into the router settings, disable DHCP, since there can only be one device that is running DHCP per network segment, issue the router a static IP, and you're done. From there you can add devices to that device and it'll act as a switch.
  4. Thanks, I will give it a try. I think the DHCP is already disabled on the 3700 and it already had a static ip, but will double check. I should not use the WAN port of the 3700, correct?
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