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Hyper 212+ Added a pull fan. Temps are hotter??

I have a question. I added a Pull fan to my Hyper 212+ and now temps seem to be hotter by two degrees and jump around a lot. Before I added the pull I had temps around 33 degrees to 35 with my heat off. Sometimes temps would be up to 37 or so with the heat on in the apartment. Now temps are 35 -36 without the heat on and my screen door is even vented at this moment, so it is not hot in here at all.
I have hooked the fan which is a cooler master blue led 2000rpm to a open spot on my motherboard for a fan. Should I use the connector that came with the fan and directly wire it to the power supply? Maybe the fan is not turning fast enough? Or Would it be possible I have the connector backwards on the board connection causing backwards rotation, I doubt this theory but thought I would throw that one out.
I am 100% sure I have the air flow direction aligned properly for the fan. I looked on it before even putting the clips on it and I did buy two of these fans and the other is a case fan replacement. Which the one on the case is an intake properly flowing. I looked at the stickers while in the case and both fans are aligned properly for their job.
Any suggestions?
Or ideas?
Thanks for help
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    maybe you dislodged your thermal paste try re applying that or checking to make sure your heat sink is on good
  2. I did try to change the hookup on the fan connector to the provided adapter and the temps have dropped by two degrees or so.
    maybe you dislodged your thermal paste try re applying that or checking to make sure your heat sink is on good
    I had absolutely no problem putting the fan on safely which probably didn't affect the thermal paste but I may do that anyways. Thanks
  3. Make sure you have both fans blowing air in the same direction. This is a common 'mistake'.

    case air. f | 2 | f . air
    rear <-- a | 1 | a <--
    ............ n | 2 | n
  4. As I stated earlier In my original post I did have all fans correctly aligned for the same direction airflow. Thanks though for the response.

    I did reapply thermal paste and reset the heatsink. I changed the fan's power hook up to the adapter provided by Cooler Master instead of using the motherboard fan plug.

    Temps seem better now. Problem solved Thanks all.
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