PC restarts without any warnings

Hello There,

Since I bought it, the PC was restarting by itself once or two times a month. No BSOD or some kind of system failure notices. Just a plain restart.

It was happening while playing games, working, not doing anything... In all kind of situations.

The issue is not in the power outlet. I tried it with UPS, and the issue was still present.

I will attach the output of CPUID.

Also, I entered the BIOS to check the settings and there was the following message:

"The system has experienced boot failures because of overclocking or changes of voltages"

I have not overclocked anything.

Any thoughts on what it can be?
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  1. It says overclocking OR changes of voltages, so that could point to either a bad PSU or even bad capacitors on the motherboard. If you just bought this computer, then you should exercise your warranty rights and make the builder fix it or give you your money back.
  2. your CPU is way underclocked

    and could you list your Computer Specs please
  3. Shockattackr said:
    your CPU is way underclocked

    and could you list your Computer Specs please

    no that is not underclocked, my i5-2500k shows the same clock speeds at IDLE or when browsing the internet. Hence, I' played Dirt 3, BF3 and other games while running a lot of programs in the background (firefox, torrent, media player and so on) and have not experienced any crashes. It will not clock at 3.30 Ghz all the time unless overclocked I believe.

    I think its PSU issues, power peaks when gaming and that's where it happens right?
  4. Well a faulty power supply will cause all kinds of errors. What it sounds like is that it crashes when your video card is pulling more power to run the games and apps.

    How big is your power supply? Does it have enough wattage?
  5. Hello All,

    First of all, thank you all for the advices.

    First: The issue appears at any time: when the PC is iddle, when playing Games, when starting... etc.

    Second: The issue happened once or twice (or not at all) in one month.

    Third, here are the PC Specs: (I cant find the warranty at the moment, but I'm sure that the PSU was more than able to withhold the demand.)

    I will try and post it a bit later.
  6. The PSU may have had a liar-label on it (i.e. it is an example of consumer fraud). We need to know what brand and model it is, but unstable power can cause the symptoms you are experiencing.
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