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Hello! So I just built my first computer. I have a I5 2500k with stock heatsink. So after I finished building it and upgrading drivers etc, I ran Prime95. The temps were a crazy 100C so I stopped the test quickly. I looked around on here and it seemed the general consensus was to open up the case and make sure the heat sink is on correct. So I did.

Only 2 of the 4 were plugged correctly so I pushed the 3rd in and it just popped in easily. Well, I have a few issues now. 3 of the 4 pins are in 100% while the 4th on the left in only in 50-75%/ I tried to push it in like the previous one, but it wouldn't go. I tried to unscrew it but it would make a clicky sound instead of just turning like the other 3 nobs.

Then a final problem. I though I'd try to just remove the whole thing and re apply it. I have no idea how though. From youtube videos it looks like you just unscrew the knobs and pull it off. I did, but it wouldn't come off, the heatsink was still locked very firmly in place. That is a worry to me as I plan to get a aftermarket heatsink soon.

But, once I close the case up again about 30 minutes ago, I ran Prime95 again, this time with temps of about 70-75C

Any input, advice, etc would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: While writing this thread my temps are at 30-35C, so that's at idle I guess
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  1. Building Intels as a job I found they were hard to pop in, just keep trying but dont force em in. Use screw drivers to loosen them
  2. What shockattackr said and also, did you use thermal compound? It shouldn't be that high if you did.
  3. @Shockattackr, alright. Do you think I need to keep trying to install it fully with my temps at about 72.5C while running Prime 95, or just wait a month and then uninstall it when i get my after market heatsink?

    @l0v3rboi, yes. The heatsink came with the thermal compound on it.
  4. If its getting 72.5C thats a decent range.... my i5 runs at 4.5ghz at almost 80C under Water
  5. Alright thanks :) Since this thread is up, can you recommend a good heat sink? I hear the coolermaster 212 is a good choice, but I'm willing to spend about $50 if it's worth it.
  6. yes best Bang for your buck, CM 212 evo is a recommend buy
  7. To mount the Intel stock cooler properly, place the motherboard on top of the foam or cardboard backing that was packed with it.
    The stock cooler will come with paste pre applied, it looks like three grey strips.
    The 4 push pins should come in the proper position for installation, that is with the pins rotated in the direction of the arrow,(counter clockwise) as far as they can go.
    Place the cooler so that all 4 pins are oriented over the holes in the motherboard.
    Push down on the entire cooler so that all 4 pins are through the motherboard.
    When you push down on the top black pins, it expands the white plastic pins to fix the cooler in place.

    The trick to getting it on is to push down on a diagonal pair of pins at the same time. Then the other pair.
    If you do them one at a time, you will not get the cooler on straight.
    Lastly, look at the back of the motherboard to verify that all 4 pins are equally through the motherboard, and that the cooler is on firmly.
    This last step must be done, which is why the motherboard must be out of the case to do the job.
    It is possible to mount the cooler with the motherboard mounted in the case, but you can then never be certain that the push pins are inserted properly.

    If you should need to remove the cooler, turn the pins clockwise to unlock them. You will need to clean off the old paste and reapply new if you ever take the cooler off.

    Not only is the cm hyper212(any variety) a good cheap cooler, but it is also easier to mount. It uses a back plate and screws.
    And it will come with thermal paste. I use rubbing alcohol, the purer the better, and paper coffe filters(lint free) to clean off the old paste.
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