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Any body know what kind of settings I should have on for this i3-3225 sandy to stop heating so much. It automatically starts at low 70s then within an hours time 100s. I had it fine for about a month that's when it would automatically turn off due to overheating, it fried something in the mobo so I had to get a new H77 MVP/Pro (ASRock). Currently don't have the shitty stock cooler on it - the one the cpu came with because I just didn't know if it would just hurt it more. I have plenty of fans inside the rest of the computer is at a cool 30.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. :hello:
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  1. Hi :)

    RECEMENT the heatsink...NO WAY it should idle at 70....

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Installed it, giving it an hour and seeing how well the temperature changes. BTW there are arrows on the sink/fan plugs to the mobo. Should I turn them in the direction they are going to lock? Or what are the arrows for?
  3. Solved. Thanks
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