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so i was using my computer as usual and suddenly i saw a spark inside the case and the whole desktop shut down. the power light on the motherboard is still on but i can't get the computer back up (occasionally the CPU fan will whir for a half-second and then turn off). i'm planning to look for burn marks on the mobo tomorrow but does anyone have any other ideas for me? thanks!
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  1. It is important to find the source for the spark before trying to run it again, something else might fail.
  2. If there was a spark inside the case then then theres a good chance it was the motherboard which may have also take out the power supply. You can test the powersupply somewhat while its disconnected from the motherboard and I would say thats your first step. The real question is, how much do you have to spend as this may lead to nearly a new build. ie - if the motherbd is fried you may need a new mobo, ram, cpu, gpu ....
  3. well i have a basically unlimited budget- i was gonna start replacing nearly everything except the mobo and CPU (new ram, second video card, new PSU, new case, new CPU cooler). the only thing is that i have an i7 920 so finding an X58 mobo is gonna be a little hard
  4. i guess my question is, if there was a spark, what are the chances that it ruined everything the PSU was hooked up to?
  5. Do not know without trying the components.
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