How much power supply would I need?

I'm building my first PC here are some specs you may need to know -

Mother Board - Rampage IV Extreme - Extended ATX

CPU - 3820

Graphic Card - Still debating to either crossfire 7950s or get one 7970

Drive - DVD R / RW

Hard Drive - Seagate Momentus XT 750GB 7200RPM 32MB Cache 2.5" Solid State Hybrid Drive

Liquid Cooling - Corsair H100
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  1. 750 watts would be enough to over clock my cpu and gup?

    I would like to keep my future upgrade options open :)
  2. yea, 750 will provide enough juice.
  3. thank you very much :) very helpful now I can affird to crossfire two 7970s .. I was gonna buy a 1200W power supply thinking I was gonna over clock GPUs and CPU and stuff it might need a lot of juice
  4. 1200watt is over kill by alot.
  5. Here is the complete list of manufacturer recommended power requirements for systems with pretty much every graphics card configurations you can think of.

    Remember this is for the whole system and the list assumes a "generic" power supply. If you get a high quality power supply you are generally fine with a bit less than the list says. High quality brands include Corsair, Seasonic, PC Power and Cooling, XFX, Silverstone, Enermax, OCZ and Antec.
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