Optiplex GX270 video boot issues

My aunt gave me her old Optiplex GX270 small form factor desktop after they upgraded to an XPS tower, and I installed Windows XP on it, and for some reason, all depending on the orientation i have the machine set in, it might boot, but other time won't. For example, if i have it standing up, it will boot no problem and shows everything on the monitor no problem. Upon a restart, the computer starts, but nothing shows on the screen. So i turn it off, and set it on its side in desktop orientation, and then it boots fine with video. Upon another restart, the same thing happens where the video won't work, and changing the orientation again fixes the problem. It goes back and forth each time i restart or shut down. I checked the mobo and everything is installed fine, nothing is loose, and from what my aunt said, she never had any problem like that, though she hadn't used it in a few years. So i'm kind of baffled at this point. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
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  1. Something has to be loose, or try changing out the Video Card Cord (the one that connects the card to Moniter)
  2. Ok, i'll check the onboard cord and respond back with the results
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