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Is it better to get an AMD laptop or an Intel Laptop for low budget gaming? Is the Intel HD 3000/4000 better than the integrated AMD graphics that I would get from a laptop that's no more than $500? Also, would an i3 or i5 be better than AMD CPUs considering my budget? Thanks in advance.
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  1. Laptops are not really for gaming but here is reference side for laptops
  2. Hi :)

    Amd because of the much better integrated graphics...

    All the best Brett :)
  3. Are you sure? What about the processor? Is AMD good enough compared to Intel?
  4. hottsauce said:
    Are you sure? What about the processor? Is AMD good enough compared to Intel?

    Hi :)

    Yes I am sure lol..I sell BOTH in my shops.... forget the power of the are asking about GAMING... and the AMD A series is miles better....

    Having said that, a REAL GAMING laptop costs at LEAST $1000 MORE than you would be better building a gaming pc...

    All the best Brett :)
  5. That's true, even with amd integrated graphic being better, it still not good enough for gaming, you'll need a mobile gfx card like a 640m/650m nvidia for 720p gaming.
  6. I agree with Brett but want to add that you make sure you get a quad core amd processor if you can afford it.
  7. Make sure it is an AMD APU (Llano or Trinity) CPU for the superior graphics.
  8. This will give you an idea what performance the 7670M will give:
    (see what the games you'r intending to play and check the respective fps)
  9. Thx thats what I needed. I guess I'll get this. Another question though, is the GT 635M 2GB better than the 7670M?
  10. Yea I think the 635M is better too, cuz I saw an ASUS with that and was wondering if that was good. Thanks soooo much.
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