Radeon 6870 or GTX560 for 1920x1080 gaming

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  1. From what i see XFX card is better out of the two for 1080p gaming. If your planning on overclocking the 560 would be better though, and the 560 also has PhysX which will add aditional visual effects to games that use it.
  2. Both ate equally as good so it's up to you amd vs nvidia. IMO nvidia
  3. they are pretty close. it wouldn't matter much which you pick. the nvidia will have the option of physx and cuda for business use. the 6870 just happens to be cheaper. if you buying it on sale, the 6870 will be the money contender. if not i would use the 560.
  4. I Have the asus gtx 560 DCUII OC and it prefect at 1080p.
  5. I would pick The GTX560.

    From a performance point of view, they are comparable.

    If you will be playing just one game, then search out benchmarks for that specific game and make your choice.

    Otherwise, nake your choice on other factors, like vendor, price, warranty, or familiarity with the drivers.

    Personally, I prefer direct exhaust cooler types better.
    The 6870 looks restrictive to me, and I like EVGA as a vendor with good USA support.
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