Can't get two sticks of 256 ddr to work. HELP

Hello there i am using the A7A266 motherboard for the athlon AMD 1.33 GHZ for awhile ive been using one stick of 256 ddr ram memory and it works fine but now for some reason when i went out to buy one more stick ( same type and company make) both chips when installed stalls windows when it tries to load. Ive check that both ram sticks do work alone and in differnt slots they work but when put together windows 98 SE stalls and wont load all the way. The bios POST boots fine and reads 512MB OF ram. Im wondering is there something in the bios i can set to make it work or is there a windows 98 setting that i have to do before installing the extra ram? please help! thanks! =)
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  1. Is it possible that <A HREF="" target="_new">"Memory more than 512MB"</A> is the case?

    As MS suggested,
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    Use the MaxFileCache setting in the System.ini file to reduce the maximum amount of memory that Vcache uses to 512 megabytes (524,288 KB) or</font color=blue><b> less.</b>


    <font color=blue>Reduce the amount of memory that is installed in your computer to 512 MB or</font color=blue><b> less.</b>
  2. i have heard of people having problems with this baord when it comes to filing both slots up

    go to this website it mustly does amd mobo and post your question on the forum there

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