Can somebody recommend me a Great Graphics Card

I'm looking for two suggestions. Suggest to me The BEST graphics card if my budget was $400 and Suggest to me The BEST graphics card if my budget was $300

Thanks Guys

By The Way guys, I already have a 550 TI
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  1. for 400 you can get the Geforce GTX 670 and for 300 you can get the gtx 560 ti 448 cores
  2. For $400 - go with the 670 ( getting mine this wednesday!)

    and $300 the 560 TI

    Then later on you can buy another one to SLI together.

    480 is older tech. i wouldn't invest in it
  3. Or wait for the GTX 660Ti it will be arround 250$
  4. Quote:
    $300 for a 560Ti, what side of the loopy farm did you get your facts from?
  5. tupacalypse said:
    for 400 you can get the Geforce GTX 670 and for 300 you can get the gtx 560 ti 448 cores

    Guess What, GTX 570 is a little bit faster than the 448 core and for $30 less after rebate
  6. the 480 is old and runs hot
  7. Get the gtx480
  8. tupacalypse said:
    the 480 is old and runs hot

    Old wouldn't make much difference as the card supports DX11, but the GTX 500 series has better tessellation, this would make a huge difference in a game like Max Payne 3.
    Runs hot, hell that's very true.
  9. My GTX 560s run no hotter than 55c with everything ULTRA with 50-55fps and 2x msaa IN SLI And yes 70-75c is preety hot my GTS 250 ran at those Temps and that card was hot as hell
  10. For 300 or under i would reccomend the Gtx 560 ti 448 FTW Edition
  11. Quote:
    I cannot find any logical reason why anyone would pick a slower card at a higher price... :heink:

    I think the Gtx 560 ti 448 FTW edition is the better card imo in the price range. It matches a gtx 570 superclocked specs minus some CUDA cores for 40 dollars less. I didnt talk about SLI'ing or Crossfiring because he didnt say anything about multiple cards, just one card.
  12. Quote:


    GTX 480 at $210, 480 CUDA core with 384-BiT bus and 1536MB Vram.

    GTX 560Ti 448 at $240 448 CUDA cores with 320-BiT bus and 1280MB Vram

    Do the maths, it is stupid...

    Gtx 480 has
    700 mhz core clock
    1401 shader clock
    3696 effective memory clock

    Gtx 560 ti 448 FTW Edition has
    797 Core Clock
    1594 Shader Clock
    3900 effective memory clock
  13. Quote:
    Yup, and the 480 is still faster.

    The specs of the card tell it. Nothing more to add
  14. Quote:
    That proves alot don't it.....

    Images, do a video if you want to prove me wrong.

    The temps are good, but the framerate is nothing mega, the 480 at those settings will easily get the same FPS.

    I dont have a video capture card this proves that 2 560 cards in SLI run cooler than a single 480
  15. If you ran 2 480 in sli his temps would be through the roof
  16. I recomend getting the 670
  17. Lol forget the 560 ti and 570 and get an HD 7950 or GTX 670, you can probably find them for around $400.
  18. Quote:

    Dude whats your problem. This is a simple thread saying what do you think is the best card for 300 and 400 dollars and you basically just keep saying the 480 is the best to everyone who hasnt said the 480 lol. This is opinions and you gave yours. And " this will give you a better understanding of who to trust around here"? .....XD settle down
  19. forget the gtx 480 and just get a gtx 670 or an HD 7950, both perform better then a 480, 560 ti, or 570, easily.
  20. 400 - gtx 670
    300 - gtx 570
  21. Yes my 560 perform almost the same as a 670 but the main point here is power and heat , a little better performance is not better than more heat and power usage
  22. Quote:
    AS i just said for the 3RD time, GTX 670 is a great buy for $400.

    I am just proving my facts correct with the 480.

    Stop with the 480. You gave your opinion for the best card for 300 or less.
  23. Quote:
    Stop what?
    Getting your facts right?

    You are saying a weaker card is superior...
    I am pulling you up on the facts..

    The specs of the 560 ti 448 FTW are better than the 480 as we saw. It produces less wattage and less heat. The only proof i have seen is a video which just happens to be made by you apparently showing you playing with a 480 on ultra...i didnt see frame rates though

    This is a opinionated thread and with the combined facts of the 560 ti 448 FTW Edition having better specs, less wattage, and less heat and noise, and the fact it beats out the gtx 570 in some benchmarks, and that it overclocks better and higher than then the 480 makes me believe it is the best card for 300 dollars and less and that it beats out the 480.
  24. Quote:
    Look to the top left of the video, blind?

    The 480 is faster, you mean better power consumption, not specs.

    The 480 is not $300, it is $210, what can you not see that is making you so blind?

    Oh i didnt see the frame rate in the top right corner, my bad. And no look up in the thread where is showed you the 480's core and shader clocks vs the 560 ti 448 Ftws. And if you could read carefully it said 300 dollars or less. Read carefully and get the facts. And no i can see :D
  25. Quote:
    The GTX 480 alone is doing 2560x1600 ULTRA with no AA, the Vram usage is above 1400Mb, this is where your little 560Ti 448 and 1280mb Vram cards will get eaten alive, the same happens when applying 4xmsaa, at 1920x1080.

    Yes with that screen size since the 480 has more vram it would beat the 560 ti 448 ftw. With lower resolution like 720p-1080p the 560 ti 448 would be better.
  26. Quote:
    Wow, there is no sinking in with some people...
    Go ahead and recommend a slower card to other people at a higher price, i will just sit and laugh, and many others will.

    @OP, best bet for your budget is this 670:

    Your the one who kept arguing about the 480 being the best when i tell you all these facts like specs and all when you havent. Go ahead please present me facts that the 480 is better than a gtx 560 ti 448 FTW edition. Again with better specs, better wattage, better heat management, less noise, and better overclocking the 560 ti 448 FTW edition is the better choice
  27. Quote:

    Didnt say the 480 had bad noise i said the gtx 560 ti 448 had better noise control. Again read
  28. Quote:
    The 670 is far better than the 7950.

    If he can afford one get the GTX 670 then, but both are better then a GTX 480, 560 ti and 570, that's what I'm giving him, better options.
  29. Ok so anyway, forget getting a gtx 480, and just snag yourself a GTX 670 or a GTX 580 if you can find one for $400.
  30. Either is better then that 480, so get either of the other two cards I pointed out over a gtx 480, but the 670 is the best option for the price range.
  31. Quote:
    Noise control...?
    You are the most idiotic fool i have ever come across, trying to cover up your words, when i prove you wrong everytime.

    Ilysaml used to do this in many other threads, and so do other noobs, who have no idea what they are talking about.

    You made a foolish mistake when you have no facts, i own 2 480's, i know how they work and play, you cannot change that, and i will continue to prove you wrong.

    The only downside to a 480 is power consumption, the rest is idiocy from people who beleive everything they hear.

    If you look at the people who test power consumption and the amount of heat and yes even noise. Seriously your like a 480 fanboy or something.,3193-13.html

    That doesnt show the 480 or anything but people do test and consider noise a factor. And you prove me wrong everytime. Are you getting a little mad and just saying stuff now? Because you havent proved me wrong everytime.. :heink:
  32. Quote:
    The GTX 480 performs the same as the 580 with a 100mhz overclock, no voltage needed.

    That is why it is a ripoff, just like the 560/570 range.

    670 is the only card you should suggest.

    Lol, FORGET THE GTX 480, it's past it's prime and get the GTX 670. period.
  33. Quote:
    The cards in the reviews are none revised versions, they have a bad fan profile...
    The retail cards do not have these issues.
    want proof?

    AGAIN READ. I was just saying people do test and consider the noise of gpus. And +1 to mf2385 lol
  34. Quote:
    Yeah, tested review samples :hello: :pt1cable: :lol:

    Who cares if they were review samples. The point was people take in noise as a factor done just have fun with your precious amazing 480s. They are great cards. Have a nice night but maybe grow up a little bit? :whistle:
  35. I am going to get me a new MSI GTX 680 Lightning or EVGA Classified GTX 680 soon, I need to upgrade from my HD 6870 lol
  36. Ok recon we know how to add, he will probably need atleast an 850 Watt power supply for 480 SLI, and nothing in particular for a GTX 670. 670 is a better choice.
  37. Quote:
    You are becoming sarcastic, even when i prove you wrong on every basis, you have a good night, and soak your large head in some ice ;)

    Please when you get a chance show me these post where you proved me wrong in every basis. And yes my head is very large indeed. I shall go soak it in some ice right away.

  38. No I do know what you need for a GTX 480 in SLI I do my research pal, because I was considering it as well. So don't try to make everyone in here look bad, it won't work. The 670 is the clear winner in terms of money, so go with it OP. Good Luck
  39. Lol, whatever you say pal, you're no help, and badgering people doesn't do anything but make you look like the bad guy, that's all.

    Peak load power draw - 851W

    The 470 pulled 70 less watts single card, so 140 less in sli, 850-140 = 710. The 470 would still be punishing that power supply pretty heavily.

    Note: These are at stock, if you plan on overclocking, those numbers increase DRASTICALLY.
  41. Quote:
    I did'nt make anyone look bad, people do that on their own....


    "You have no idea of his PSU yet"

    Hey i thought you were just about to leave to the movies. Or did you make that up too? And people like you are not needed in this thread when your so one sided. This thread is about the best overall card for 300 and less and 400 and less. Even if the 480 SLI was blazingly stronger than a 670 this thread is about best OVERALL card. So people will take into factor on how much heat, power, and noise that will make. People have a right to their opinion. And this thread never said too take into consideration SLI'ing or Crossfire. It says BEST CARD, which is singular

    Good night :D
  42. a 480 at 209.00 is a f-n good deal.
  43. a single 480 is not bad for that much but if you intend to SLI, make sure you have atleast an 850w and 80 plus is recommended.
  44. ^And the mobo is not x16/x4 (I think there could be a bottleneck, anyway recon-uk probably can correct me if I am wrong).

    Really, people, stop arguing among yourself. The PO will choose or I'll have to close this thread and no one gets anything.
  45. lol recon, I know it's not a bad deal for that price, not at all, but if he needs to upgrade a power supply as well and spend another $100 USD or so on a good one, why spend the $500 or so bucks when he can just get a GTX 670, that's all :)
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