Should I replace my CPU Cooler?


I have an AMD Phenom II X4 970BE CPU currently running at 3.8GHZ, but to make up for the loss of performance due to age I would like to go a little further, possibly 4GHZ+.

My Arctic Freezer Pro 7 Rev. 2 is good at keeping temps low on stock clocks, but I don't want the temps to go any higher. Considering that I would like to possibly reach for about 4.2GHZ, what will the following two things actually do?

A) I have a CM Storm Scout case and I am about to fit two red LED 120mm fans on the window, blowing air at my GPU and CPU. These will both be pumping about 50CFM of air, will that help my CPU temps decrease, and if so, by how much?

B) The Arctic is a £15 cooler that outperforms many £20-£25 coolers. But, for serious overclocking, should I consider a different cooler like the Coolermaster Hyper 412S. It has favourable reviews but how much of a difference will I see going from my Arctic?

Many Thanks
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  1. if your gonna run over 4.2 gigahertz or close to it ur gonna want a cheap decent water cooling setup such as

    at 65$

    or a super good air cooler:

    for 60$

    yes the 212 evo is good but im unshur past 4.0 gigahertz what temps ud get with it.
  2. So the 412S would be fine for 4GHZ, but anywhere over that and temps might start increasing. I'll see what happens after installing the two fans, then make my decision.
  3. yes thats right, keep us updated mate :)
  4. Will do, thanks for all your help!
  5. alright cheers mate
  6. go and get a corsair h60 its the best out there right now
  7. Go ahead and get custom water cooling, it's very awesome. Go here to get some cool water cooling things. If you don't have that much money you can go look at their kits.

    If you really are limited on how much you can spend go ahead and buy a Hyper 212 Evo.
  8. rayner428 said:
    go and get a corsair h60 its the best out there right now

    The H60 is poop for overclocking.
  9. the hyper 212+ evo is def good enought, he doesnt need water cooling unless he can afford the extra dollars.
  10. Okay, I may go for watercooling kits, I'm in the UK but is this one any good?

    Also, the Hyper 412S is meant to be better than the 212 EVO, so it should be pretty good, right?
  11. yeah should be fine, just make shur ur comfortable installing the whole setup,

    but yeah def its better but cost 4x the price ;p
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