What is a good motherboard for this CPU?

what is a good budget gaming motherboard for an i3 2100 CPU?
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  1. H61 boards.
  2. Hi there,

    this is a good budget board that will work for your CPU and purpose:

    now if you prefer quality and like ATX sized boards (you wont really need it though):

    Now don't get confused, the ASRock board I posted is of pretty good quality. Though in the past ASRock hasn't been the best, however Asus has been a champ in the motherboard section, and has always built quality motherboards (from my personal experience).

    Either board is great, in fact I believe the H77 ASRock board will be the BEST bang for your bucks.

    Next time, it would be best if you input an actual value for your budget....

    - Socialfox :)

    Edit: Djangoringo is also right that H61 boards will work but they are a bit older chipset wise...regardless if you want H61 here are two good boards
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