Upgraded my build with problems

Kept everything in my old build, but got a new MOBO, RAM, GPU, and CPU. When I first installed everything, I had trouble getting it onto the internet. It would connect to my home network but not to the internet. Also, when I plugged in my TV as a second monitor, my GPU drivers would keep crashing. I eventually fixed my GPU by downgrading from 8.98 to 8.95. My internet would connect sometimes, and ended up SEEMING to fix itself after a few days.

I then got a good day of playing SC2. The next day, however, my system started to BSOD in the middle of playing. At first, it would take awhile, then eventually it got to the point of crashing just as I joined a game. Finally, when it crashed one last time, windows wouldn't boot. I got it to boot in safe mode, and noticed that my system automatically installed the 8.981 driver for my GPU, and when I tried to roll it back, the system BSOD in safe mode. I managed to load up regular windows, then uninstalled the driver but then it automatically installed 8.98 again then crashed.

Now I can't get windows to load. Trying to start the windows repair hangs on loading the system files. Trying to load from safe mode sometimes gives me an error before reaching the safe mode menu (before actually loading safe mode), and if I get to loading safe mode, it crashes while loading the essential drivers.

I used the windows tool to check my RAM, which returned no problems. My HDD seems to be working as a secondary HDD on another computer. I tried loading up without my graphics card. I can't seem to get my USB to run to reinstall windows so I'm not sure its a driver issue.

I'm here now to see what you guys think might be the problem. My guess is that maybe the MOBO needs to be RMAed but I want to make sure that is the problem before I try that process.

Specs on new parts;

MOBO - Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H
CPU - Intel i5 3570K
RAM - 4GB x 2 G.Skill 1600
GPU - MSI Twin Frozr 7870
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  1. What is your power supply make and model number?
  2. Its a BFG model BFGR550WGXPSU. I also noticed that the CPU fan doesn't come on. If it should come on at that point, maybe that points to a PSU or MOBO problem?
  3. Check your smartfan settings in the bios; also be sure you're using the correct fan port for the cpu fan.
  4. Correct fan port is being used and fan settings are on auto. Considering that the current PSU isn't adequate for improving my build in the future, and that it has a chance at being the culprit, I decided to order a new one. Its a Rosewill HIVE-750. If that doesn't help alleviate my problem, I will try to RMA my motherboard.
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