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I am looking to upgrade my laptop with a new SSD as my HDD seems to be failing with up to 3-4 minute cold boot. My question would be do you foresee any conflicts with my upgrade? Also I received a transfer kit with my last SSD purchase (crucial m4 on sale and just as cheap w/o) could I use this with the SSD I have in mind? I am pretty sure I'll be at SATA II speeds but thats fine, I really just want to extend the life of this laptop another year and then reuse the SSD.

System: Toshiba A215-S5837
AMD M690 shipset

New SSD:

Thanks in advance for your help. tom's is the best!
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  1. There shouldn't be a problem. As long as that HDD is in good enough shape to successfully have its contents cloned to the SSD, just perform the clone and swap drives. The SSD is slightly smaller, though if you don't have more than the SSD's 120 GB capacity used the cloning operation isn't impossible; the more free space you would have after a possible clone the better since SSDs need a bit of free space to function at optimal levels.
  2. I don't foresee any problems n
  3. You might need a SATA to USB adapter kit to clone since most laptops only have one HDD bay (unless you have a dekstop handy, in which case you can attach the laptop HDD and SSD to free SATA ports, unplug the desktop HDD temporarily and boot from the cloning utility)
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    I would imagine that the M4 transfer kit would work with any SSD. It's probably a generic brand USB/SATA adapter and a boot CD with non Crucial specific software.

    A long boot could be multiple things. A slow drive being one of them, but others being a ton of startup apps launching and unnecessary services starting. You could try going through your apps and uninstalling anything you don't use. Also CCleaner can help clean up your registry and also identify what is launching at startup. There are also several OS specific check lists out there for installing an SSD. They consist of turning off certain features to cut down on unnecessary disk writes to the drive. I believe System Restore is one of them. I don't know of any sites off hand, but just search it and you will find many. The built in Windows Disk Cleanup utility is somewhat handy to clean out temp files and such. You will need to make sure your current drive will fit on the SSD. You will also need to make sure there is space left over.
  5. It's just that a generic brand USB/SATA adapter and a boot CD with EZ Gig IV cloning software.

    I have cleared my HDD and now only have 100GB. hopefully 20 GB is enough extra space. Thanks for the heads up never heard that before :)

    I have always used CCleaner but the drive is still slowing despite cleaning and disabling startups. Any thing else I should try before buying and switching out?
  6. ^Not really. Do it up!
  7. If you aren't certain the hard drive is failing or a software problem is behind the slow-down, you can try running diagnostics on the hard drive or backing up your data to an external drive and re-installing Windows using either a disk or the Toshiba's built-in recovery partition (warning: the Toshiba recovery will take hours and you'll wind up with all the original crapware, and out of date Windows and other software - and obviously your files would be gone).

    That said, I know from personal experience an SSD is a fantastic upgrade - and you can certainly re-use that in a future computer to enhance it's performance too - so I wouldn't discourage you from that. :)
  8. One more thing is that don't let the SSD be filled up to more than 90%, because the garbage collection need some space to take place.

    You need transfer some file/fold to other HD before or after you do the cloning OS.
  9. Sounds good. Thanks again for all the help and speedy responses :)
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