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Ok so in a previous thread i mentioned that my cpu was over heating and shutting down due to the core temp program. Well i relaced the heatsync/fan with an aftermarket cooler, its nice and it dropped my temps a decent amount both underload and at idle temps. However today when i was playing a game for several hours core temp shut down my pc saying "core 0 critical". Which is odd since i just A) installed a brandnew fully functioning heatsync/fan and B) because i also installed a 120 MM case fan in the front of the case (intake). So is this just Core temp being buggy? or am i really having a cpu temp issue?
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  1. what temp did you hit that caused the shutdown? perhaps you have the setting incorrect.
    Also make sure your front and side fans blow in, the top and rear blow out, and the cpu usually blow to the rear but up is ok if you have a top fan.
  2. Do you have enough airflow in the case? I would load up the cpu and watch core temp to see what exactly the temps are. Popatim has good advice for fan placement.
    What are your PCs specs?
  3. Yeah the Front fan is an intake, its set up right. My cpu fan is one of those ones that the heatsync is upright and the fan is perpendicular to the motherboard. It can only point up or down. Its set at intake curently, and its pointed down since the psu is pulling the air out of the case up top. But the way my case is set up, the cpu fan is right next to the gfx card, the back side of it. also i dont have a fan on top, or even a slot for it. and i have yet to fill the Exhaust fan slots in the back or the intake on the chassis side. Im currently using a AMD Phenom 2 X 6 1055T, and my psu is a 750 w Corsair Tx750. When i check speed fans chart that it has, it doesnt show my cpu getting over 50 C, but core temp says one core is critical. Also i checked the max and min temps on Core Temp, and it says the max is 50 C, so im not sure whats going on. Help?
  4. My guess is that over a period of prolonged gaming, the heat dispelled from the graphics card (which doesnt get over 50 C either) is being sucked into the cpu heatsync via the fan? This heatsync came with an extra bracket for another fan on the other side of it, so i was thinking of buying another fan and sticking on there as a blow fan, so the main fan sucked the air in, and the second fan blew it out into the psu fan and any future exhaust fans would dispel it from the case? What do you guys think?
  5. what heatsink do you have that can't be pointed front to rear?
  6. It could just be my motherboards clip thing, the base that this attaches to. But regardless, i cant point in to the rear or to the front, just up or down
  7. I turned off coretemp and have been playing cautiously. I havent noticed any significant performance drops, and the cpu, after hours of play, stays under 50C under load. But i dont know about the individual core temps, speed fan only lists one temp for the cpu... should i just forget the whole thing? or what?
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