Can this rig run the latest games good?

So im planning to buy or build a gaming pc, and when i was browsing i found this setup.

Gigabyte EX58-UD5
-INTEL I7 920 2.66GHz, this chip can be overclocked to 4GHz. (good power to heat ratio.)
-Scythe Mine 2 140mm Sleeve CPU Cooler
-Patriot Viper XMP Series, DDR3 PC3-12800 1600MHz, 6x2GB for 12GB of RAM.
-CORSAIR Professional Series HX750 750W
-ASUS EA5970 1GB .
-300GB Raptor 10K

Water cooling system included, CPU block, Res/Pump, 240 RAD, tubing, TWO 4870X2 cards (not working, but good baking candidates..) Two 4870X2 Water blocks.(Rare and not cheap.)

Is this a good setup?
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  1. might have troubles with the Video Card
  2. Depends, the 5970 will handle games fine, but that build is a power sucker. The 920 was efficient for 2-3 years ago. Sandy and Ivy are way more efficient. The i5 3570K or i5 2500K both pretty much beat out the 920 in most benchmarks and overclock easier to like 4.6ghz on average.

    How much are you getting this build for? Any more than $700 it's not quite worth it.
  3. Unless you pay H U G E money for electricity, I wouldn't care much about efficiency.

    Using this CPU calculator and just picking a 920, ya get a system load of 143 watts
    Using this CPU calculator and just picking a 3770k, ya get a system load of 100 watts

    But IIRC, he 9xx series came out in like November 2008 .... over 3.5 years ago .... that's an antique in PC terms.

    If you can get it for under $500, it would be an OK buy..... if not, I'd take $1200 and build something better. Water cooling gave ya something "back in the day" but since SB/IB, it really serves no purpose except for the peeps who wanna get their names on OC lists.....not that that isn't a fun thing to do in and of itself just to see if ya can do it.
  4. the video card is gunna be the system letdown as i call it, just like mine i have a crappy Nvidia 7100 Integrated maybe try to get a better GPU
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