Gigabyte HD 4550 problem with Catalyst Control Center

Hello everybody,

First off here are my system specs:

CPU: Intel Pentium 4 running at 3.52 Ghz (Overclocked)
Video Card: Gigabyte ATI HD Radeon 4550 running at stock frequences
Motherboard: ASrock 775Dual-880Pro
RAM: A-Data DDRII 2 GB one single module.
PSU: TecnoWare Free Silent 500 W (2 years old)
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x86

I have pretty much old system for nowadays, I would even say stone age, but can't really upgrade it so don't blame me for specs :D

So here's the problem:

Whenever I install Catalyst Control Center (To be fair any driver from AMD) I get a bunch of problems according to games.
Well, Texture flickering, melting, missing textures etc. All this kind of problems plus my videocard starts to overheat after installing it.

If I delete ALL Catalyst Software, problems dissapear but then I can't adjust my videocard settings and performance is dropping slightly.

For example with CCC In World of Tanks, Skyrim, Dirt 3 I get not less than 20 FPS, 30 As Average including all texture bugs ( Seriously ), but when I unninstall all Catalyst Software It's lucky if I get 20 FPS in mentioned games. But then, without any texture bugs...

Can anybody suggest me something? Is it's really choice between performance and clear image? Or what bothers me the most, is it a first steps of dying ATI videocard? (Using HD4550 for about 1.5 year. Before that I was having 2 Nvidia's which lived 3-4 year each and before their "Undeployment" they never showed something like this)

I can psot up some screens of texture bugs that I get, if it's needed.
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  1. Have you cleaned your system of resource wasting crap and registry errors lately? If not run CCleaner and do the Clean and Registry both. Defrag.
    You also may need to uninstall the driver, run Driver Sweeper from Safe Mode (F8), and have it find and remove any AMD/ATI/Nvidia graphics driver remnants left behind by the uninstall.
    Then install the latest driver for your card and O/S.
  2. Without CCC the card in low performance mode so it not get over heated,

    Seems as u suspect the Temp could be the reason, u could clean the gpu fan, or improve the air flow of the case. (check if the fan/heatsink becoming loose or not)
  3. Yes, I have cleared all my system before installing new drivers. I used Driver Cleaner, it cleared all stuff acording to AMD and ATI, then installed them in various ways (Basing on instruction on AMD site, Through Safe Mode etc.) but result always the same - Overheat, Texture problems.

    So you say, problems might be caused becouse of overheat? Well then I can cross out possibility of conflicting driver. I see point in it, no performance no high temps.

    I gonna check case and then say what good I found in it, but I clean it every 2-3 months, so I won't find any dust in it... And then, I wasn't having ANY issues with heat before... What could can cause problems like this?.. Maybe summer time, the warm weather? ( In my country it's about 20-25 degrees Celsium every day)
  4. So like I said, no dust were found all fans running smoothly.

    I checked temperatures with CCC and without it, and I found out that temps are mostly the same. 58 degrees Celsium was max that I got with medium Graphics in world of tanks. (Sorry, first off I was thought that with CCC card is overheating, that's why I got thoose texture bugs, but now as we see the temps are mostly the same)

    Also, I found out that video card is switching to performance mode, since frequences are changing to the same ones, that I was getting with CCC ( 600 Mhz Core Clock, 800 Mhz Memory Clock)

    What then could be the reason of thoose Texture bugs using CCC? Anybody can suggest me something? I searched different forums for quite good time and even not found a question simmilar to mine...

    PS. I think yous are confused, becouse I say that I do not use CCC and any driver downloaded from AMD site, since they give me thoose texture bugs, so you might wan't to ask, how the hell you are even playing games then :D Well, Windows 7 autofound and installed dirvers, and I'm using them, otherwise texture bugs starts again. (Acoording to version of thoose auto found & installed drivers, it looks like it's Catalyst 11.2 Drivers.)

    Any Ideas?
  5. If all is working with the AMD drivers found/installed through Windows Update, just enjoy the games by letting Windows update the driver for you. It's still the same official AMD driver; same as the download from the AMD site. It may be a version behind, but no biggie with your older card and CPU. No sense getting in a sweat over CCC if you don't need it. And you can still download the game profiles (CAP). Just uninstall CCC and enjoy.
  6. AMD drivers are buggy. Always have been, probably always will be.
  7. Well, probably I gonna do like clutchc said.. I did not found any question like mine in whole bunch of forums. Will have to stick on the thing that I have now :D Everyone, thanks for replies, appereciated.
  8. Once you have CCC uninstalled and CCleaner run to locate and remove any remnants of the pgm in the Registry, run Windows Update and see if it finds the latest AMD driver in its catalog. Like I said, it may be a version or so behind, but that's not an issue for you. See if your frame rates are back to normal and the other problems are gone.
  9. I solved the problem but new one appeared.

    Like clutch said, best that I can do is to use Default Windows 7 autofound drivers for my videocard. By doing that texture bugs wen't away but performence slightly decreased. The problem was in my Realtek audio drivers. They were conflicting with something, and that was the reason why performance was soo low. I deleted audio drivers and now performance is da beast :D Even without Catalyst Control Center, and all ATI stuff, everything is just running on default windows 7 autofound drivers. But now, the problem is - How to get sound back? :D I tried various different realtek drivers, but all of them just start to give out BSOD's. I don't know what to do, even the drivers that came with CD from motherboard doesn't work well. (That could be cuz the CD is like made in 2000 - 2002 year but windows 7 wasn't even alfa testing thoose days. They might just not support windows 7, correct me if im wrong)

    Anybody could lead me the way to correct drivers?

    And yea, the sound card is built in one, on my motherboard ( ASrock 775Dual-880Pro )
  10. Do like you did for the video drivers. Let Windows update find and install a default driver for your on-board sound.
  11. That's the actual problem, Windows 7 can't install or/and find drivers for my on-board sound.

    I seen, that new hardware window on the tray after uninstalling my broken drivers, when I doubleclick it, it opens up and shows up that Windows is looking for drivers, after short while it seems to find it, as name of my sound card appears and it says that it's installing drivers now, but once again, after short while it says next to my sound card name - Access Denied or something like that. (Sorry I can't say 100% correctly what was wrote in it cuz my windows is on russian language. I just think it translates like that.)

    What should I do now?
  12. Well, try going to your motherboard's webpage:
    ...and download the audio driver from there.
  13. Thanks, official drivers works pretty fine :)
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