Significance of updating bios?

what is the significance of updating a bios. Iv got an ASUS P5Q Turbo but the asus site says "if you're not having trouble with anything dont upgrade your bios"
I haven't had any trouble so I didn't upgrade it even tho there is new Bios available.
What are the Pro's and Con's of upgrading it if i did, and what is the significance of doing so with Windows 7-64bit?
(my rig configuration and specs is in my profile)
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    Well sometimes when they release the motherboards, there could be updates including compatibility with new cpu's, fixes for memory settings and will basically fix bugs on it's controllers.
    and cons, like you said,i think if they release an update for a BIOS,which is important,they must test it before,i never had any problems with and updating my bios,but i did it anyway to keep it up to date.
    but you always have risks when doing it because yo udon't know how your system is going to accept it.
    And for a 64 bit the same as a 32 bit normally is 'hardware related'.unless windows will have a bug.
  2. It is usually only necessary if you experience a bug, or need compatibility with newer CPUs. Also, although highly unlikely to happen, a BIOS screw-up is quite problematic, unless your Mobo has a bios recovery system. Problematic as in bricking your mobo. Just don't dance tango with your chassis while updating.
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