No 5.1 from Optical Output

Hello folks, I'm pretty frustrated by this, so you're my last hope. :[

My old PC (Windows 7) had an embedded sound card with S/PDIF out, which I connected to my receiver and played beautiful 5.1 surround sound. My new PC (Windows 7) did not have S/PDIF on the motherboard, so I bought a new sound card, Sound Blaster Recond 3D ( which purportedly outputs 5.1 surround sound via S/PDIF.

However, I'm not able to figure out what knobs and buttons to hit to get 5.1 to go to my receiver. I am able to get sound to my receiver, but it's just 2 channel with no output to my subwoofer.

What do I need to do to make this work? What do I need to set in the Sound Blaster TruStudio app, and what do I need to set in the Windows "Sound" panel (set as default) to make this work?

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  1. Any ideas?
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