Is my power supply sufficient for this card?

Hi, I am thinking about getting an AMD Radeon HD 6950.

I currently have a Dell Studio XPS 9100, and I've been told that the power supply is 525w, and the card draws 500w.

Will I be ok power-wise running this card in my machine?

I use it primarily for gaming, stuff like Blacklight: Retribution, TF2, Minecraft (trying to add in some really heavy-duty shaders)
Also, I do a little 3D animation with Maya and Blender.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Maybe you will not face too much problem.but 2 years ago i had problems similar to you and it worked without problems for 6 months.then one day it suddenly blew ...i think it'll be safe if you change your psu .
  2. First off use this calculator to fiqure the size PSU you need. The other parts of your system also require wattage from the PSU.

    The HD 6950 only uses 176W at its max. So 176W/+12V=14.7amps. Be sure your +12V rail(s) can handle at least that many amps (your CPU and other components also use the +12V rail).

    Tom's ranks the HD 6950 and the GTX 560ti in the same tier.,3107-7.html
    But here is a calculator to judge the cards 'on paper' anyway...
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