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Upgrade to 6870, 7770 other or stay?

Hello, currently I have a Sapphire 5770, and am thinking between getting the MSI 7770 for 95$ on tigerdirect, the 6870 on sale for 130$ newegg or other if possible. My budget is 120 with no games and probably 150ish with game/s...
My build is
8gb ddr3 ram @ 1333
amd fx 4100 @ 3.6ghz
sapphire hd 5770

if the gfx is bottlenecked by my cpu, thats ok, because i want to upgrade to intel ASAP (might be 2013 hannukah).
the reason i sorta need to upgrade now is because my friend is making a computer and imma sell him my 5770 for 100 bucks and then use that to get a better one so i cant really wait. what should i get??? :)
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  1. Aww, you're ripping off you friend.
    And the 6870 should give a pretty decent increase in performance.
  2. @soIdier37
    yeah i know, but hed be buying a 6770 for 130 (which is a rebranded 5770 with better power consumption) so im still helping him. and hes buying his july so the 7770 and the 6870 wont be on sale anymore... and im building it for him, so its the least he can do :D

    and sushant2688, i would but the only reason i can get this 6870 is because its a shell shocker today, otherwise itd be too much because im limited on cash.

    and thanks for the link, harsh60, very informative

    EDIT: so should i buy the 6870 on newegg shell shocker today, or should i wait for a better deal? and how much longer will the 6870 last compared to the 5770? one year?
  3. also, would 620w be enough for a 6870?
  4. 620W is more than enough for a 6870.

    A 6870 should beat a 7770 in most cases. The only possible exception would be something like an XFX Black Edition which could be stock overclocked to the point where it might challenge the 6870. I have not checked prices but that may be out of your budget.

    In the vast majority of cases the HD 6870 would be better if you are looking for pure performance.
  5. alright. so, atm should i buy the 6870? some upcoming games ill be playing are borderlands 2, probably crysis 3, ghost recon and assassins creed.
    so with games how they are atm and the nextgen consoles coming out around late 2013, whats my best choice?
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    tbh, i would stay and save for an even larger jump to the 200$ gpu area. thats just my opinion though.
  7. alright. ill do that, thanks
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