Black Screen With White Cursor, even with Recovery Disc.


My Windows 7 machine is refusing to boot.

If I try to start it normally, it resets after the starting windows screen.

If I try to use the other boot options (safe mode, etc), I get 'Windows is loading files' and then a black screen with a movable white cursor.

The repair options all end up at the same black screen with cursor.

If I boot from the Windows 7 disc, after the 'press any key to boot from the DVD' screen, I don't get any options to install Windows, or select a language, I just get either the same starting windows > black screen with cursor, or the same list of repair \ safe mode options, all of which end up at the black screen with cursor.

If I boot from the Windows 7 recovery disc, after 'press any key to boot from the dvd' I get 'Windows is loading files', and then... the black screen with white cursor.

What do I do to avoid this screen?
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  1. Hi,

    stupid question: Is your windows activated?
    A friend of mine had the same problem. He got a black screen with a white cursor. But after waiting some minutes (he has a slow pc) the windows activation screen appeared.
  2. I'm having the same exact problem with a Toshiba Satellite L655. I like how everyone says do this then that when the recovery discs I have act like something is happening for about a minute then nothing but dead silence, a dark screen and white cursor arrow that I can move around but nothing happens. If I let it set that way for an hour there is still nothing! I also have recovery dvd's specifically for my laptop. Same thing happens NOTHING! And I'm not finding any good help on the Internet at all.
  3. Bump. Same problem, also on L655
  4. I am having the exact same problem. I downloaded the windows 7 32 bit iso from the correct website (cannot remember name right now) and set DVD drive to first priority on boot with hdd second, and had the exact same results as before. I have the extra experience of having a comparable computer of newer model and put the hard drive from that computer into the nonworking computer and everything ran fine, while on the newer computer the nonworking hard drive gave the same results on the new computer that normally works fine. This indicates to me either an issue with the hard drive, or there is something in windows that cannot be repaired no matter what I do. I even made the repair disc that uninstalls the bad patch that windows put out a few years ago just to make sure it was not that. I have booted it up running off of just the ac power with no battery in it, and every other little trick I have been able to find with two continuous days of researching this problem. I am also running a L665d S5050 toshiba. The newer laptop is a toshiba P745-s4102. If no one posts a solution, my plans are to replace the hard drive which is just a 65 dollar deal off of amazon that will be a 250 gig upgrade anyways. Would still like to be able to get this to work just for the sake of the sheer amount of time I have put into this. Thank you in advance for any answers.
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