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Black Screen With White Cursor, even with Recovery Disc.

Last response: in Windows 7
February 4, 2012 6:00:29 AM


My Windows 7 machine is refusing to boot.

If I try to start it normally, it resets after the starting windows screen.

If I try to use the other boot options (safe mode, etc), I get 'Windows is loading files' and then a black screen with a movable white cursor.

The repair options all end up at the same black screen with cursor.

If I boot from the Windows 7 disc, after the 'press any key to boot from the DVD' screen, I don't get any options to install Windows, or select a language, I just get either the same starting windows > black screen with cursor, or the same list of repair \ safe mode options, all of which end up at the black screen with cursor.

If I boot from the Windows 7 recovery disc, after 'press any key to boot from the dvd' I get 'Windows is loading files', and then... the black screen with white cursor.

What do I do to avoid this screen?
February 4, 2012 9:01:46 AM


stupid question: Is your windows activated?
A friend of mine had the same problem. He got a black screen with a white cursor. But after waiting some minutes (he has a slow pc) the windows activation screen appeared.
March 12, 2014 12:45:33 PM

I'm having the same exact problem with a Toshiba Satellite L655. I like how everyone says do this then that when the recovery discs I have act like something is happening for about a minute then nothing but dead silence, a dark screen and white cursor arrow that I can move around but nothing happens. If I let it set that way for an hour there is still nothing! I also have recovery dvd's specifically for my laptop. Same thing happens NOTHING! And I'm not finding any good help on the Internet at all.