Need help on this build!

Hi i wanted to help the community by making a blowing 500 dollar Gaming PC but im not sure if the parts compatible, you guys experts i guess you can help me =D here are the parts

Cpu: AMD fx 4100 Zambezi ( 3.8GHz turbo )

HD: Western Digital caviar 500GB 6.0 7200 rpm 3.5

psu: corsais builder series CX 500W


Mobo: As Rock 970 extreme3 AM3+

DVD: LG DVD burner black

Ram: Gl skill ripjaws series 8GB ( 2x 4GB)

CASE HEC blitz black steel edition ATX mid tower gaming ( not sure if my psu will fit in it could you guys help me with this too? )
its comes with 2 fans LED blue :D

oh yes could you give me your recommendations on this built i hope its good =D
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  1. It's a good build. You can overlock that mobo securely with some heatsinks on the VRM's cause of the 4+1 Power Design.

    I'd recommend getting a bit more wattage PSU, like 600 W, because it CAN go above 500W I think. Try out an online test for how much W you need.

    Also consider an AMD video card instead as it's cheaper for performance and works a little better with the AMD chipset on the mobo than the Nvidia card does.
  2. ty, Calced it on neweggs its 458 psu usage heres the link, confirm me thanks :)
  3. @zuesters
    yep that seems right but I'll recommend 500W cause there are stuff like LEDs and Fans the test didn't include.
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