Is this a good cp build?

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  1. I would make a couple of small changes:
    -Spend more on GPU and less on CPU. If you're going with AMD then something like a Phenom II X4 965BE will be cheaper and still good and spend the money on a 550ti at least.

    -If you're not going to SLI/Crossfire you can lower the price by picking another less powerful PSU. Something with 500watts from Corsair,Antec or Seasonic will be more than enough for that build and will be cheaper.

    Also link to HDD is dead.
  2. if gaming and movies is all that matters, then consider the following

    mobo: (someone else might suggest a better one)
    Graphic Card:
    anything over 8 gb's of ram would be overkill so you've selected a good option here
    this config will be about $600 (exact would be lesser)... good luck and happy building

    EDIT> I've considered the same gaming case for the above build
  3. ok thx both of u for the info 1 more question should i do intel or amd??
  4. Intel has better CPU's at the moment specially for gaming. The one satyamdubey mentioned is pretty good for it's price and can go against AMD quad cores. If you get something like a i5 2500 then you've already got enough CPU power to handle everything you could want
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