PCI video cards compatible with all systems?

I know im stupid.
My x79 mobo dosent have any on board video and im using a pci card as a temp until my 670 arrives later this week. My system will not post-beep and Dr. Debug gives me a A2 error code. I have read that his issue was originally associated with IDEs but I have read on a few different forums its associated with video cards in some way. SO that leads me to believe that my video card is *** or its not compatible.
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  1. What is your system spec's and what is the card you are using now for a temp? Also could list your power supply (PSU) brand and how many watts it is? We will need the info inorder to help.
  2. kingwin 850 psu
    16gb gskill z series
    old pci geforce 5500
  3. Do you have a way to install the drivers into your new system since you don't have a integrated GPU? Did your MOBO say if it only works for AMD or nVidia?
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