Fake CM Quickfire Rapid???

I bought a Cooler Master Quickfire Rapid today and I noticed that It looked different than the packaging and pictures. First off it does not have the "Cooler Master" logo above the arrow keys and between the "ESC" and "F1" keys. Also, it did not come with the awesome Storm logos for the Windows keys, instead its just a normal key labelled "WIN". Is it possible that it is fake?
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  1. It also does not have the fancy wording on the space bar.
  2. Did it come in a sealed CM box?
  3. Yes everything was sealed.
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    It is unlikely then if it came from a respectable retailer.
  5. I bought mine from a Memory Express if you can call that "respectable", so I guess this wraps it up, I guess I just got a newer or older model.
  6. I never heard of that place. I'd return it.
  7. Sorry for the late response, I found out that there WAS a CM Storm Logo on the back where the cable comes out, so I guess it's legit.
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  9. Here is evidence that it is in fact a newer model.
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