New system, things to upgrade

I recently bought a system from a guy I knew.
I'm looking for others wiser than myself to point out what I should check or upgrade possibly. I know another 4gigs of Ram so far, what else?

Pross: Intel Core i5 760 2.8G 8M LGA1156 Box 95W
Mobo: ASUS P7P55D-E LX
RAM: 4GB 1600mhz Corsair, CL7
HDD: Samsung 500GB SATAII
PSU: SeaSonic S12II series 520W 85+ (Bronze)
VGA: Club3D GTS450 2GB
TT Swing Case

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  1. What is it you are using the PC to do?

    What monitor resolution?

    I take it you are in the UK?
  2. Assuming a gaming use (which is never a realty safe assumption) your PC looks good.

    CPU-OK, as you can see in this ref it's near the top,3106-5.html

    Memory-OK (4GB fine for games, you could add another 4 cheap, but its not needed)
    Verify you have a 64 bit OS before adding memory.

    Power Supply - excellent

    Video == OK to good, but is your weak link for gaming. GTS450 Here is a ref:,3107.html your video is currently equal to the $115 cards -- to improve your system you'd need to get a GTX 560 or an HD 6870 or stronger.
  3. The idea would be casual gaming, the wife and work not permitting more time.

    Resolution currently is 1280*1080, monitor is a replacement for my broken zalman currently.

    I'm situated in northern Europe currently, with little travel to the states now a days. So Amazon or local enthusiast forums is where i'd get parts.

    Is there motherboard okey? I've heard reviews go both ways, given that it's an older model is there cause to be concerned?

    Thanks for the replies, it's appreciated.
  4. We would consider the GTS 450 to be a decent low end gaming card. Spend as much as you want there to improve gaming, just use this reference:,3107.html

    An SSD would be nice as a general upgrade, especially if you install the OS fresh on it.,3255.html
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